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Real Wedding Album: Lyndsay & Marcus

 I saved this extra-special real wedding album for a weekend, because you’re going to need some time to soak it all in. So pour another cup of coffee, round up your stash of leftover Halloween candy, and scroll up, down, and back again to your heart’s content.

Lyndsay—who you might recognize as a former girl!—and Marcus met during their senior year at Penn State. They remained in contact after graduation, became best friends, and when Marcus landed a job in NYC two years later, their friendship blossomed into a relationship. They decided to get married in a private ceremony in Michigan outside of Detroit (where Marcus is from), and celebrate their union with 150 of their closest friends and family members in NYC, where Lyndsay is from, one week later.

Here are the highlights, from Lyndsay:

The Ceremony

The first thing Marcus and I decided to do as a married couple? We got baptized! Just moments after we said our “I do,” we changed our outfits and were dipped into the lake we were married by. The baptism was a symbol of becoming renewed and entering into our marriage with pure hearts and souls. It was a cloudy day but as soon as I surfaced from the water, the sun shined brighter than we’d seen in days. I should note that our wedding was a sunrise ceremony, another symbol of a new beginning as a married couple. Our violinist played “Take Me To The Water” as we approached the lake to get baptized.


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The Beauty Routine

Since I knew that I was going to get wet, I decided to do my own hair and makeup. I slicked my big curly hair into a sleek bun and kept my makeup neutral. Just a nude lip and lots of waterproof mascara.

The Dress

I went to Barcelona on a business trip and searched high and low for a simple ceremony gown. Just before giving up, I stumbled upon the most beautiful dress shop tucked into a building directly across the street from my hotel. The Chantilly lace design fit like a glove and after three short days of alterations (and converting the price from euros to dollars)—all in my very best Spanish, might I add—I was able to fit my dress into my carry-on and brought it on home!

The Seating Arrangements

Our 25 guests were escorted into canoes by Marcus’ dad.

The Dress Code

We asked our guests to wear neutral colors (including white!) and requested that the women wear hats. The inspiration for this was a cross between a scene from My Fair Lady and traditional Southern Christian baptisms.

The Food

Though it was an early ceremony, the breakfast was prepared by our family, who had no hesitations when it came to cooking and setting the table. While one was on grits, another was slicing potatoes. Even I whipped the batter together for our pancake and waffle station!

The After-Party

After a long nap, Marcus and I (and our amazing photographer-turned-friend, Diane), stumbled upon a local carnival and kept the party going throughout the night. We played ring-toss, rode the carousel, jumped on the Ferris wheel, and waved to all of the fair-goers who wished us well. Nothing beats Midwestern charm.

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